Our Massage Therapists

Our Massage Therapists

Harmony Massage has been known for excellent massage since it opened in 1998. Our friendly and knowledgeable Licensed Massage Therapists offer diverse areas of specialty, but all are experts in listening to you and understanding your needs. From relaxation to injury treatment, the massage is tailored to what will get results for each person.

Our massage therapists are interested in hearing the client’s concerns and have the goal of effective treatment for each individual person. The massage therapists at Harmony Massage offer diverse areas of specialty. We offer the very best in relaxation and stress-reduction massage and chronic pain and injury treatment massage. Harmony Massage is a member of the Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce.

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Alexandra "Lexi"

License  #MA60689777

Alex's focus is on soft tissue injury treatment and chronic pain treatment. She employs mayofascial release, structural integration and neuromuscular techniques to help relieve pain and restore function.

Alex's clients describe her massages as effective and intuitive.


License  #MA00014237

Eric primarily uses deep tissue, but his method of working is gentle and pain-free.  He also incorporates  Range-of-Motion techniques into the massage.  His method of massage is very effective at helping a person achieve substantial relief.

Eric observes that massage can bring awareness to the body and help stimulate self healing, in addition to bringing immediate relief.

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License #MA60384547

Josh graduated from the Florida School of Massage in 2011.

His goal as a massage therapist is to use the time in the massage to provide highly effective and therapeutic bodywork.  He uses a wide range of techniques to address whatever his client's specific concerns may be.


License  #MA60708300

Katie decided to become a Licensed Massage Therapist after helping family members recover from back pain using massage.

She has a firm but gentle touch and a client-centered approach to the massage session.  Katie's focus is on addressing her clients' problem areas and helping them feel comfortable.

Lisa lisa2


License  #MA00012051

Lisa graduated from Alexander's School of Natural Therapeutics and has been practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1998.

She specializes in Deep Tissue Massage, Injury Treatment, Migraine Therapy and Intraoral Massage.

Lisa's purpose is to help facilitate healing in others, She does this by using a combination of techniques that vary depending on what the individual needs to improve their current situation.  She is very intuitive regarding finding the "trouble spots" and working the tension out of them.


License  #MA60835838

Monica wanted a career in which she could help improve people's well-being.  She found this in massage, which she  says, is "about as hands-on as you can get."

Monica tailors her massage to each individual.  She enjoys using a variety of techniques in each massage, which may include myo-fascial release, deep tissue, swedish massage and/or sports massage.

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License  #MA60576890

Rosie found her passion for helping people as a Licensed Massage Therapist after spending a few years working on a cruise ship sailing the Hawaiian islands and the Caribean.   Rosie graduated from Everest College's Massage Therapy program in 2014.  We are lucky now that she has chosen to settle down in Bothell and establish her Massage Therapy practice here.

Rosie's massage style includes Swedish with a mix of Deep Tissue Massage.  Rosie is great at listening to her clients, and loves to find and relieve the stress in tight muscles.


License #MA60213385

Ruth is a graduate of Cortiva Massage School.  She decided to be a massage therapist because she loves what massage does for the body & she enjoys being part of making people feel well.

In addition to her specialties of deep tissue and injury treatment, Ruth is also trained in pregnancy massage and hot stone massage.  She especially enjoys doing longer massages and combining relaxation and treatment techniques.

Ruth se puede hablar español.



License  #MA60537138

Sheryle's specialty is relaxation massage.   She enjoys combining more focused work with Swedish Massage in her massages.

Sheryle has known that she wanted to be a massage therapist since she was in High School.  After gaining other job experience, she pursued her dream and graduated from Everest School of Massage.

When getting a massage from Sheryle, people feel they are getting a deeply relaxing massage from someone who genuinely cares and likes to help!


License #MA60843479

Zack left the corporate world to start a career he felt would be more fulfilling:  Massage Therapy.

Zack is intuitive in his massage.  He enjoys doing both treatment massage and relaxation massage.

He especially enjoys seeing people leave his massage with a smile on their face, feeling better leaving than they did when they came in.

Zack_massage_Bothell (2)


License #MA9996

Kirk opened Harmony Massage in September of 1998.  He graduated with honors from Seattle Massage School in 1996.  After graduation he did clinical massage work with local chiropractors for some years, treating work and sports injuries.

His goal was to establish in Downtown Bothell a massage clinic where people could be confident they could come to get the very best in therapeutic massage.  Harmony Massage has enjoyed steady growth since opening because it offers some of the area's finest massage therapists with their array of specialties.

What Our Clients Say


The therapists at Harmony Massage are particularly good at asking questions that really get to the heart of what hurts and then designing a massage to target those areas. They are proactive with ice or heat, and stretches. I have been a regular H.M. client for more than 10 years.  I have seen a number of therapists over that time.  I have seldom been disappointed with the quality of care that I’ve received.  On the few occasions that I have asked to make a change, it’s been done quickly, professionally and always with a follow-up to make sure that my concerns have been addressed. Massage has been a regular part of my life for more than 10 years. It helps me deal with stress, head off the aches and pains associated with aging and, in general, makes me feel happier and healthier.

- Debbie Vogel