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About Us

Harmony Massage has been known for its excellent massage since it opened in 1998.

Perhaps just as important as technique, our massage therapists know how to listen to their clients’ needs. From relaxation to injury treatment, the massage is tailored to what will get results for each person.

Our massage therapists are interested in hearing the client’s concerns and have the goal of effective treatment for each individual person.

The massage therapists at Harmony Massage offer diverse areas of specialty. We offer the very best in relaxation and stress-reduction massage and chronic pain and injury treatment massage. Harmony Massage is a member of the Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce.

Feel free to come a few minutes early for your massage and enjoy a cup of hot tea or a glass of fresh, cold water.

Our Massage Therapists

Our friendly and knowledgeable Licensed Massage Therapists offer diverse areas of specialty, but all are experts in listening to you and understanding your needs.


License  #MA60483783

Cameron graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage in Seattle.  She has many styles of massage to draw upon, having worked in chair/foot massage, luxury spa massage and medical massage environments.  She favors the use of a myofascial style called Sructural Integration that uses deep, broad, slow pressure on whole regions of the body to connect (and then relax) all the layers of muscle and connective tissue (fascia) in the area. She is excited about the real, long term changes that her clients have seen with this style.

Cameron’s patients sometimes appreciatively say that her massage “hurts so good”.  When it is right for the client, Cameron can also give a deeply relaxing spa massage that is nothing but lovely.



License #MA60724971

Nova has a very intuitive approach to massage, focusing on her clients' needs.  She loves working with indivuals giving whatever type of massage is most needed; from relaxation to pain relief.

She has a special interest in working with seniors, as well as those suffering from cancer or other illnesses where massage is indicated for relief.



License #MA20298

After experiencing increased range of motion, strengh and pain relief from massage while recovering from an auto accident injury, Tina decided to study massage Therapy.  She graduated from Ashmead College in 2004.

Tina is known for her effectiveness at getting to the real issue and treating injuries to speed the healing process.   In a massage session, Tina combines Deep Tissue and Lomi Lomi, or Hawaiin Massage with other massage techniques to treat the whole body.

Her Specialties include whiplash treatment, trigger point and pregnancy massage including post-partum recovery.


License  #MA60708300

Katie decided to become a Licensed Massage Therapist after helping family members recover from back pain using massage.

She has a firm but gentle touch and a client-centered approach to the massage session.  Katie's focus is on addressing her clients' problem areas and helping them feel comfortable.



License  #MA60689777

Alex's focus is on soft tissue injury treatment and chronic pain treatment. She employs mayofascial release, structural integration and neuromuscular techniques to help relieve pain and restore function.

Alex's clients describe her massages as effective and intuitive.



License  #MA60657081

After learning first hand the benefits that bodywork can have when dealing with a chronic illness, Amanda became a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Her goal is to help others progress toward their goals of wellness.  She is a graduate of Cortiva Massage School in Seattle.

Amanda's massages are geared at encouraging the body to release tension using deep tissue, Myofacial and Swedish techniques.  Her focus in the massage is to work with the rythm of your body and not against it


License  #MA60537138

Sheryle's specialty is relaxation massage.   She enjoys combining more focused work with Swedish Massage in her massages.

Sheryle has known that she wanted to be a massage therapist since she was in High School.  After gaining other job experience, she pursued her dream and graduated from Everest School of Massage.

When getting a massage from Sheryle, people feel they are getting a deeply relaxing massage from someone who genuinely cares and likes to help!




License  #MA00012051

Lisa graduated from Alexander's School of Natural Therapeutics and has been practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1998.

She specializes in Deep Tissue Massage, Injury Treatment, Migraine Therapy and Intraoral Massage.

Lisa's purpose is to help facilitate healing in others, She does this by using a combination of techniques that vary depending on what the individual needs to improve their current situation.  She is very intuitive regarding finding the "trouble spots" and working the tension out of them.


License #MA60403986

A graduate of Cortiva Massage School, Gergina is known for her slow,  detail oriented and nurturing massage style.  Working through the layers of tight muscles, she searches out the spots that need to be relaxed and will tend to hang out in that area until the tension is destroyed.

She has particular interest in treatment massage, especially Headache and Migraine Therapy.  She also has an interest in pregnancy massage and plans for future training as a widwife to combine pregancy massage and midwifery.


License #MA60311766

Bert received massage for a back injury while he was working as a painter.  It worked so well that he decided to pursue massage as a career.  He is a graduate of Everest College.

Bert's specialties are deep tissue, myofascial release and Swedish massage.   He has a natural flow in his massage sessions with a good balance between Deep Tissue and Relaxation massage.



License #MA60213385

Ruth is a graduate of Cortiva Massage School.  She decided to be a massage therapist because she loves what massage does for the body & she enjoys being part of making people feel well.

In addition to her specialties of deep tissue and injury treatment, Ruth is also trained in pregnancy massage and hot stone massage.  She especially enjoys doing longer massages and combining relaxation and treatment techniques.

Ruth se puede hablar español.



License #MA23979

Mike's clients are amazed at how much better they feel from his massages.  His objective is to always provide a uniquely tailored massage experience for each client to feel renewed and enrich their life.

Mike switched careers after a massage therapist helped him with his own back pain.  He graduated from Cortiva Institute (Brian Utting School of Massage) in 2006.  He specializes in chronic pain treatment.  Being certified in Bowen Therapy, Mike frequently uses Bowen Technique during the massage therapy session.  He is also trained in cranial-sacral therapy, and has special interest in Posturology Posturology, giving him a better understanding of how joints and muscles interact in movement.



License #MA9996

Kirk opened Harmony Massage in September of 1998.  He graduated with honors from Seattle Massage School in 1996.  After graduation he did clinical massage work with local chiropractors for some years, treating work and sports injuries.

His goal was to establish in Downtown Bothell a massage clinic where people could be confident they could come to get the very best in therapeutic massage.  Harmony Massage has enjoyed steady growth since opening because it offers some of the area's finest massage therapists with their array of specialties.

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