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Oct 22, 2011

Onsite Chair Massage Available!

Now Harmony Massage is excited to offer onsite chair massage for local businesses.
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Businesses can benefit from their employees receiving massage in the workplace through an increase in productivity and a reduction in sick days.  As little as once or twice a month can bring about results.  All that is needed is a small area for the therapist to set up the chair.

Chair massage actually began in the offices of Apple Computers in the 80’s.  Since then it has become one of the fastest growing modalities in the massage profession.  Chair massage brings the massage to the client in a place that is unexpected, but massage in the workplace is often needed.  For some, chair massage is a first introduction to massage.  Others may have pain or issues they can present to the therapist who can then assess how best to treat them, such as suggesting that they receive therapeutic massage on a table.

Most chair massage sessions are on average 10-15 minutes long.  Much can be accomplished in that short amount of time, from the relief of shoulder pain to the dissipation of headaches.  For an office worker at a computer this can make a huge difference in sustaining consistent energy at work.

Contact Harmony Massage at 425-806-5525 if you are a business that wants to incorporate chair massage into your workplace.  We can discuss details and also if interested set up an appointment for our therapist to come out and give a demonstration and check out your site.

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