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Sep 2, 2016

Bowen Therapy Available

Mike MaGuire, LMP is now certified in Bowen Therapy.

In Bowenwork, a light touch is used to gently assist the body toward recovery.  Some conditions that don't respond to massage and other types of body work may respond to Bowen therapy.  Because of the gentleness of the technique, anyone can receive Bowenwork.


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Posted by: harmony
"Bowenwork is a holistic approach to help the body work in a more functional way," explains Mike, "Bowenwork activates the nervous system which sends signals to the brain helping the area worked on to reset itself to proper form."  Mike uses the analogy of the brain acting as a computer for the body. "Using Bowen work is basically de-fragmenting the files to organize your life's information into a better order.  This is done through a series of light moves on areas of the body.  The moves used in Bowen work cause the muscles, ligaments and tendons to react and re-adjust."

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