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Dec 4, 2013

The Key to the Perfect Massage: Communication

Here at Harmony Massage we offer a wide variety of therapists, styles, modalities & techniques. Have you had Deep Tissue, Reiki, or Hot Stone Massage? Don't have time? What about a 20 minute chair massage on your lunch break?


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We offer these different styles for you to discover new, effective ways to treat your body. Every body is different and different styles work better for different bodies. We encourage you to experiment with the aid of our therapists because we want our clients to have the best custom treatments for their enjoyment, stress, or aches and pains

Whichever massage style or modality you choose to invest in, know that there is one important key to making that massage the best massage for you. That key is communication.

Each massage I give is custom to what my clients tell me they want worked on. Therefore, the only way I can customize a massage is by your communication. Not only at the beginning of a session, either. Communication during the massage is even more important than at the beginning.

Deep tissue can be painful if a client doesn't inform the therapist that the muscle they are working on is tender. Therapists know a lot about pain responses but sometimes we don't know unless you tell us.

Especially with injuries, there will likely be tender spots or areas that trigger discomfort. Speak up! You will not hurt my (or any other therapists') feelings by telling me to lighten up. We are here for YOU!

We want you to tell us about the sore spots, or where you'd like deep work.

If we do a technique you like, let us know so we can repeat it during your next session. Maybe you like deep work on your legs but not on your back, we can do that! All you need to do is let us know.

Massage is great for body awareness. Often when receiving massage, we discover different sources of our aches and pains that can be addressed.  When discovering one of these spots, be sure to mention it to your therapist so we can treat the cause of your pain, rather than the symptom.

Sometimes a pain in the neck is actually a sore Levator muscle which attaches at the top corner of your scapula (or shoulder blade). By addressing that point, rather than the neck, we can alleviate the cause of the pain. Letting us know the intensity of your sensation is also important. Therapists can adjust both depth and speed which can affect the enjoyment of your experience.

At Harmony Massage, we pride ourselves on our ability to give the best custom massages to our clients. Help us help YOU by communicating before, during and after your session, I promise it will enhance your experience considerably. Thanks for reading!

By Cassie Kaminski, LMP

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