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Sep 22, 2009

A New Home for Harmony Massage

We have found a larger, more comfortable office space for Harmony Massage on Main Street in Bothell, less than a block from our current location.

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Harmony Massage will be moving to a new location on Main Street, less than a block away from their current location. The new address will be 10117 Main Street, between Alexa's Cafe and the Dragons Lair. This move comes after a long search for a suitable office space.

We think the new office is close to perfect. The rooms were formerly built for massage use. We first visited this as a potential future home for Harmony Massage during the summer's extreme heat. We were happy to find that the massage rooms were each air conditioned and very comfortable. The area that is planned for the waiting room is a place you can relax before or after your massage. Most of the massage rooms will be large enough to offer couple's massage. We are all excited about the move and we hope that you all will come and visit us soon.

We will be moving during the month of October and plan to be fully operating in our new location by October 15th, 2009.

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